how to buy

H O W   T O   B U Y

When placing your orders you just have to choose the product/s and follow the simple instructions.

Credit card
This is a very secure and easy method of payment, you just need to let us know the number of the card, the type of card (visa/mastercard), and the expiration date and that’s it. easy as pie. Sorry debits cards are still a no no.
Bank transfer
This is our account for payments from outside Spain:
 La Caixa IBAN ES75 2100 5641 0802 0008 0664.
Once you make the transfer and we get the confirmation, we will send you your order!
you must have an account registered with Paypal; Ours is peseta(a)
once you make the transfer we will send you your order!
Paypal will charge you 1€. ;(

The shipping will take less than 7 days for Spain and 15 or more for the rest of the world (in Europe it can be like 5-10 days). If you want us to send it express please let us know when placing your order and bear in mind it will be charged.
If you want us to prepare your order as a gift, let us know and we’ll make a nice wrapping.
We will always send the receipt of your order, but if you want an invoice, just get in touch with us at peseta(a) and we’ll be glad to help you with that.

Please note: for all international orders, your shipping charge does not include any customs fees that you may incur. we are not responsible for these additional fees. for international returns, the customer is also responsible for any additional customs fees. It also can happen that your local postal office will deliver your order out of the estimated shipping times we tell here; once the order has left Spain’s borders, it’s harder to contact the actual foreign Postal Office, but we’ll do our best.

Problems and advices
Listening to you guys makes us be better and do things better. So if you have any problem when placing your order or just navigating, please write us at peseta(a) and tell us about it. It’ll be useful if you can tell us what kind of computer you have and your internet navigator. You can also call us at +34915211404.

We recommend not to wash your peSeta. It’s better if you just take it to a dry clean.

Changes and returns
If you want to change or return your order, you have 30 days after you receive your order. Write us at peseta(a) (or dial +34 915 211 404) and we’ll tell you what to do.
The product must be in perfect state and you will have to take care of the shipping back.
For international returns, the customer is also responsible for any additional customs fees.
If you want to change or return something purchased at any peSeta store (9 Noviciado street or 37 Huertas street, madrid) you will have 30 days from the purchase date and the product must be in perfect state. if you just want your money back, no problem, we will return it to you but only if the product was paid with cash.

Product’s uniqueness
At peSeta we care about each piece being almost unique. There are a few reasons for that:
– we design thinking about production so, when it comes to fabrics and patterns that have a large design, we care about not wasting any piece of fabric; so each product may be slightly different from another.
– we just dislike when everything is exactly the same.
When we take pictures of the products for the online store, we choose one product but we want you to know that maybe (just maybe) the one you order will be a little different. For example, when it comes to products with the world map fabric, you may receive a cushion that displays different parts of the globe than the ones you see in the product file. Please, bear that in mind when placing your order. 


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*válido durante 10 días y para pedidos superiores a 49 € (envío no incluído)