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El Tono Socks

El Tono Socks

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Socks with exclusive design by artist El Tono for peSeta.
Read more about him and our #10toes collection of artist-designed socks below.
Two sizes that cover several.
sizes S (36-40) and L (41-45)
made in Portugal
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Check out the interview we did with him about the socks.
#10deditos is our permanent collection of socks designed by artists and illustrators who are friends of the house. In all cases they are the first socks they design. We really like to invite you to capture your creations in this fun and simple article. They are produced in Portugal with rhythm and respect.

El Tono is a great French artist with many years of experience and international recognition.
A stubborn walker, he develops his ideas through urban art, installations and sculptures.
The following tells us about his design for peSeta and you can see more by clicking ICI and HERE :
"Pinto Gratis is a work of mimicry, almost invisible interventions because they copy the same aesthetics and are pasted in the same places as the posters that are their source of inspiration. Discreet interventions, difficult to notice but that create a strong impact on the passer-by when are discovered. The viewer has to get closer, read the small letters to realize that it is not a poster that sells a service like the others. This discovery creates an intimate relationship between the work and the person who has discovered it. The poster promotes a painter who paints for free, fast, clean and discreet, at any time, without warning and without asking permission; it is not a misleading claim, it is what I have been doing for more than 20 years. An interesting anecdote, a few days after gluing the first posters, I discovered that in some of them, the contact (my website) was scratched or torn off. An index that shows that some did not understand the initiative and saw the fact that someone offers their services to paint for free as unfair competition: D "

We know in person those who have made this piece under criteria of quality, sustainability and love for our planet . peSeta designs and produces in Spain, in LOCAL WORKSHOPS.

If you want to know more about how we do things, click here .