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Pelebonita Passport Holder

Pelebonita Passport Holder

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Printed passport holder or wallet with elastic closure. Various prints including our classic world map. It has three interior compartments and closes with elastic. It is ideal for carrying your passport, phone or iPad, rolling tobacco, etc.
Each one is practically unique due to the arrangement and cut of the fabrics, so yours may not be exactly like the one you see in the images.
Measurements: 17 x 14 cm.
origin of materials Spain.
100% cotton composition.
place of creation Madrid, Spain
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This passport holder or wallet with elastic closure and crazy combination of printed fabrics has been produced in Spain with rhythm and respect.

Cleaning accessories: Since fabric is the main material of bags and accessories, it depends on the type whether it can be washed in the washing machine or not. Just in case, in principle it is better not to wash. Among so many types of fabric, there is surely one that gets dull and fades or shrinks or a little bit of everything. We usually recommend dry cleaning them, that is, taking the bag to the dry cleaners , so it looks great and once a year is usually enough.

There is also a homemade trick: Mix a lot of water with a capful of ammonia and rub the bag with a sponge moistened with the miraculous liquid. Ammonia brightens the colors although the truth is that it smells very bad... But the trick works and for many types of clothing and shoes.

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